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Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood
You know how sometimes you dance freestyle, two or more people moving in or out of tune on the floor, and other times you couple dance, where the man leads, and if he's really good, and the woman knows the signals, the dance is ballroom beautiful? Well Margaret Atwood writes as the leader in a ballroom dance. I was struck by how well she constructed the story, the descriptions, and the nuances. This novel was written to explore one possible road given current trends in society. I won't go into any of them here, but plenty of themes and fodder for discussion unfold - which makes for an intellectually healthy read. My big HOWEVER is that I did not like the ambiguous ending. Sure, I can search for clues and decide on one for myself (I did), but damn it, I want more answers at the back of this book - about Crake, and what happened next. Wait, oh right - this is part one of a trilogy. Shall I read The Year of the Flood??? Was I that enthralled by Snowman and the fate of the Crakers? Do questions burn in my mind that demand further reading? Time to go.