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Regarding Ducks and Universes - Neve Maslakovic All the trappings were there for a good read - unique premise, decent writing, and potentially interesting characters and main plot. I'd say the overall experience was uneven. I found the beginning required a bit of an effort to click into, but the story picked up and I was glad to have stuck with it.

Mostly, I kept waiting for something to happen while the premise was explained and the alternate universes were described. Hanging out with Felix, the main character, as he fretted and moved about wasn't that interesting. A few more good sub-plots would have helped. I liked many elements of the novel, but not enough to say it with an exclamation mark. My praise goes to the novelty of the bridging between multiple universes, and the clarity of explanations behind the premise. I hope Neve Maslakovic continues writing fiction rooted in theoretical physics - the world needs more of that.