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That Which Should Not Be - Brett J. Talley This is a 5 star horror/fantasy filled with magical rites and bone-chilling folklore--a wonderful homage to H.P. Lovecraft. I was thoroughly immersed in each sub-tale, turning pages with tingly anticipation and foreboding. The style is classic horror, yet not too antiquated or stilted. The characters were fascinating and well written. Some scenes were chilling, others were gory.

My rating dropped to 4.5 stars that I cannot round up, because of the ending --not what happened in the end, rather the sketchy way in which the ending was written. I felt as though I were looking at a painting, masterfully executed, except for the critical center where one sees only a pencil rendering. Again, the plot is fine and wonderful, but Weston, the main character, goes flat and becomes the least interesting of everyone else in the story. The actions become storyboard, leaving description so heavy it weighs down the action and makes the ending a thud instead of the bang it could, and should be. That is why I rate it a 4, but man, I loved this story!