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The Process Server - L.H. Thomson The Process Server is a science fiction novel revolving around a crime mystery set in a futuristic world evolved from innate human tendencies and frailties to the nth degree. Off-world aliens of the Spielburg variety provide contrast to a capitalistic and aggressive society gone a-muck. Our heroes, Bob and his 251-year-old pilot Jayde Chen are low on the caste totem pole. They do what they must to survive, yet they've harbored a few core principles that cause the duo to clash with the Big 6 corporations, mob bosses, and religious zealots--all the working of a well developed characters and plot.

The writing is concise and successfully descriptive, which is quite a feat given the ambitious task of world-building Mr. Thomson has undertaken. I'm reminded of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash where a virtual world lives alongside the 'real' one. Both The Process Server and Snow Crash project the virtual world replacing real life for many in the future. Easy to see now how close to the truth this may become on a large scale.

Despite the heaviness of the subject matter, the tone of this novel is often humorous, even cartoon-ish at times. Most effort seems to have been placed in the world building and reasoning behind its probable development. However, the characters stay front and center, as does their mission.

My overall rating is 4.5 stars, but I'm inclined to round up because I enjoy thoughtful work, and clearly Mr. Thomson has put quite a bit of effort towards constructing a world whose foundation logically flows from forces at work in the world today. Books such as this should serve as a warning to a possible future if we fail to take heed.