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Ten Tales for Tomorrow - Stuart Aken I used to read short stories quite a bit. I even tried my hand at writing them. For the past 2 years, however, I've read novels--not novellas--novels. So, take this with a bit of salt--I didn't find the short stories in this collection to be that interesting. Granted, short stories can have powerful impact, a real 'wow' factor at the end, but only one or two of these stories barely approached that level for me. Some were not only 'adult', which is fine--I'm not bothered, but the 'adult' in a couple of the stories just seemed like abusive, rambling wet dreams--not very interesting to read. Some of these stories have won awards, so my response is outside the norm. Still.

To write magical short stories takes a lot of work, skill, and inspiration. I'm in awe when I read a good one. But a good novel, well, I guess I like settling in. A Steven King quote that I've always liked ends with “...a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger.” Even quick, and in the dark, a kiss needs a certain magic to be memorable.