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The Crying of Lot 49 - Thomas Pynchon Off-beat, sometimes in an interesting way, sometimes not so much. Oedipa Maas, a decent enough lady runs from a boring husband to take on responsibility as executor of the will of a former boyfriend. She becomes obsessed with a puzzle or puzzles and follows clues that eventually reveal.....self-realizations, realizations about life, America, and more. The novel is deceivingly thin, and deceptively accessible. Read simply as a story, the stars would only blink link a bored cat. If one dives with all brain cylinders, I'd think the rating would be 5 stars. My problem with the novel was that I wasn't overly inspired to comb every word and focus on the drippings. I don't know if I'm compatible with Pynchon yet. We may lack the necessary chemistry for a long haul. Well, I'll soon find out because I'm off to Gravity's Rainbow. And maybe V.