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Siddhartha - Hermann Hesse,  Gunther Olesch,  Anke Dreher,  Amy Coulter,  Stefan Langer,  Semyn Chalchenets I rated this novel for content in lieu of story or writing construction.This clemency is due to having read Siddhartha twice, during different stages of life, and the great appreciation I found for its description of a spiritual path.

During this read, a different perspective--I saw where I had been on the spiritual map, during the first read. This experience was similar to having a friend of mine tell me of their recent visit to Venice, and I remember when I was in Venice--the city similar yet different, because I've been to other European cities since then--Venice exists, colored by my memory and experience, in contrast to the pictures and stories my friend provides.

During this read, I saw where I stand now, on the path. I read that section differently than last time. My understanding of it has changed, softened. I feel less haughty. More forgiving.

Finally, I read carefully the sections of the path that may lie ahead. Those passages are especially gorgeous.

I definitely needed to read this now, during these times--for hope.