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I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive
Steve Earle
Consider Phlebas (Culture, #1) - Iain M. Banks
This is a world, fully fleshed, with the concept of what constitutes humanity expanded, then the concept of consciousness and alien races stretched beyond that--Space Opera to the pores.

The plot--an artificial intelligence called simply the mind makes a grand escape, hides, and is sought by its enemies, and we are allowed inside its head, so to speak. Two cultures are at war, one cold and perfect intelligent and analytical, yet with hopes and dreams, the other a brave, noble race of warriors fighting to extinguish the influence of artificiality. Alliances are formed.

The protagonist fascinated, drawing me into resonance, then shocked me with differentiation allowing innovative characteristics within the definition of humanity. Actions are ripe with laughter and tragedy, but written with a pragmatic hand that reinforced life in a galaxy with giants at war. The ending is grim, indeed, but a world has been built and I'm drawn to visit the next adventure.