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Noah's Ark - Andrew J.  Morgan
Noah's Ark should be enjoyed with the mind's visualization eye, like a graphic novel. Fun elements abound -- mutant zombies who are coordinated and quick moving, Matrix-like cyberspace adventures, and tension enough to keep the reader turning pages -- all wonderful. I enjoyed the imaginative plot, which was a fresh mixing of technology with horror film nail biting. I "watched" the action in movie form, as though it were a storyboard or script. For such accomplishments alone, I would rate the novel 4 stars.

However, I cannot deny the literary tastes that have come from my years of studying writing and reading great writers. In my opinion, and please understand that many readers will not to agree -- but for me, the writing is the weak link and detracted from my enjoyment enough that I can not award 4 stars. The heavy use of adjectives, adverbs, clunky text and cliches got in the way of the story's momentum. Commercialism is king, however, and I have the same criticism for many bestsellers, so what do I know? Still, words are important to me. Since the prose stabbed at my more writer-ly sensibilities, I have to give 2 stars for that.

Averaging the marks, a solid 3 stars, meaning I liked the novel. Noah's Ark is a fine first effort and the author's raw talent is evident. With additional polishing and editing, this will be a thrilling work, even for curmudgeons like me.

(I received a free copy of the book in exchange for a non-reciprocal review.)