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The Plague of Doves - Louise Erdrich
This is one of the rare occasions where I enjoyed the journey without much concern over where the novel was heading. The characters, dialogue, and ambiance, along with skilled writing, made reading more of a pleasant book cuddle which I looked forward to each evening. That said, the surprise final wrap up which drew together all the strings was a cherry on the Sunday. This review sounds like literary comfort food, and perhaps it is. Multiple narrators voice their experiences within an Indian reservation, where intercultural mixes of life, love, poverty, religion, and other influences of society are stretched and pounded in ways, sometimes comical, yet universally human.

I held back one star, which is puzzling since I clearly enjoyed and highly recommend the novel. The reason is perhaps the wrapping at the end, which felt like I was going through a bit of a hustle. The pieces fit together, and resolved several puzzles, but somehow, by then, it didn't matter much. So, 4.5 stars, and I look forward to reading more by Louise Erdrich, and giving her a true 5 star rating.