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When She Woke - Hillary Jordan This is an important book for the political and spiritual questions it effectively addresses. I was intrigued by the very first page and found it difficult to put the book down at night. The characters, plot and writing were all well done. There is logic in the premise, and the outcome is easily imagined as possible. Certainly the repression of thought is contemporary and troubling.

Although I had quibbles at the end where I found myself skimming travel log type descriptions which added nothing new or interesting to the story, I bumped my rating to a 5 because I continued to think about the story long after finishing it. However, this is a 4.5 roundup because many of the final pages seemed inserted only to delay my finding out how the tale would end. Also, if an author gives a character a gun, they had better use it. Hannah was rescued by a chrome near the end when I think the scene would have been more effective if she had protected herself.

The ending itself was in perfect harmony with the story, but I felt those two issues took away a bit of the luster for me. On a more minor note, I would have liked more description of Becca's fate, but life isn't always tidy.

All these are but quibbles with a powerful book that I highly recommend to anyone interested in the current political and religious forces acting upon American society. The book is a perfect vehicle for book club discussions.