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If I Stay - Gayle Forman The voice of the novel was strong, reminding me of Lovely Bones. Problem was a lack of any real plot beside the one decision Mia had to make - whether to return to life after the death of her immediate family. Even that decision wasn't very torturous since Mia had no evidence of what would happen to her if she allowed herself to die. Besides her faith in an afterlife where she'd see her family again, the only temptation to let go sprang from her grief over losing them. Since Mia never met another person in her situation, for all she knew, death would be oblivion. The choice of life, on the other hand, meant returning to some physical pain, along with great friends, a devoted and imaginative boyfriend, and loving grandparents. No real drama there. The conflict/drama wasn't as deep as needed to make a great story. The memory vignettes were mostly feel-good scenes, lacking drama/conflict/tension as well, so I was inclined to skim most of them. Overall, this was an okay read, well written.