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Drawers & Booths - Ara 13 On the one hand, I put this book aside because the military story was boring. I don't read military stories. Drawers & Booths caught my eye due to promises of the meta-fiction, evolutionary psychology, and philosophical discussion. In my opinion, the good parts started about 18% into the book (I read it on Kindle). After taking time off to read a different novel, I opened Drawers & Booths again, and enjoyed it immensely. So, on one hand I give it 2 stars (but only my reaction for hating war stories), and on the other hand I give it 4.5 for creativity, cheekiness, and intellectual discourse. This type of out-of-the-box thinking is refreshing.

One more observation: the characters struck me very differently than in other novels I've read. In a good escapist novel, the characters are flesh and blood, and take on a life of their own outside the author. In Drawers & Booths, the characters are sketched, like a graphic novel, or comic book. This doesn't detract from the experience; it made the reading a unique experience. I found no emotional involvement, as the story must have been rendered totally in the left side of my brain. Very different reaction on my brain's part - which I enjoy every now and then.