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The Time in Between - María Dueñas
The Time in Between is well written and researched, and enough of a page turner to keep the historical information interesting and far from dry or outdated. The heroine undergoes quite the metamorphosis from a blank-sheet type of young woman to one with outstanding imagination and courage. Other intriguing characters enter and exit the stage, but Sira steals the show.

The background story of Franco's rise to power in Spain and the influx of Europeans into Morocco was well portrayed. The lead up to WWII on the tail end of Spain's civil war added an especially interesting perspective. I've been to Morocco and have seen the European influence from those times, so I was especially thrilled to read those chapters - a little biased on my part that may have pushed my rating from 4 to 5 stars.

My quibbles with the book were matters of personal tastes: too much frilly fabric in places; several characters/events required a suspension of disbelief; I would have liked more than the outsider's view of Morocco, and the novel could have had more depth (introspective elements were there, but they still seemed undeveloped for such a long and strong work) - without those criticisms, I feel the book would have been close to perfect. Still, this is an intriguing story, well told, and I certainly recommend it.