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No Shelter (Holly Lin #1) - Robert Swartwood This was a good, fast-paced, solid read. Character development is especially well done for the action-hero, Holly Lin, and the action never drags. The prose is well-executed and clear, all while remaining out of the way to allow for quick enjoyment of the story. Although I didn't feel enough wow factor to give the novel 5 stars, it would have been 4 stars except that I remained unconvinced by too many elements that were critical to the plot. Without giving away any spoilers, I just didn't buy the betrayal and coverup scenarios, the flash drive hide-and-seek, and several other plot devices. The ending was a bit rough, even though I knew it was meant to set up for a sequel. The strength of the novel is in Holly's internal dialogue, humorous quips, and relationships. In all, this was an entertaining read.