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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks This is the first and only zombie novel I've ever read. My first exposure to zombies was when a grade school teacher doled out the story from "Night of the Living Dead" to our class for the last 10 minutes of school each Friday. Finally, in high school, I saw the movie and for years afterwards could not look upon a foggy meadow without imagining those lumbering zombies. Second, some years ago, I tried to watch "Shaun of the Dead". My conscious mind told me that if I continued to watch that movie, it---my conscious mind---would proceed to hurt me. So I stopped.

So why did I decide to read World War Z? Probably someone here on Goodreads recommended it. Surprising, I found this scifi/horror novel interesting. I'll probably not have to ever read another zombie novel because Max Brooks covered just about every aspect of the social and psychological impact of a world-wide infestation of zombies. From those who'd become addicted to killing zombies, to the population that insanely mimics zombies, all the way to those who simply die in their sleep rather than face the future--all are covered in this documentary-style manuscript. Aspects of a low-tech war as well as how different nations face the situation are all explored, from civilians to military to the well-educated service-oriented workforce with nothing to offer the war effort, all relating their experience as mankind faces extinction. Intriguing, realistic, and well executed. I prefer novels with main characters and plots, but the first 80% of the novel succeeded in drawing me in. After that, I was ready for it to end. Still, the effectively described visual of zombies lurking in murky water, then suddenly appearing before the face mask of a submerged diver will forever be planted in my head--especially next time I go scuba diving. Thank you Max.

Seriously, this was an interesting read, especially if you've not yet lost a toe in the zombie literature.