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Another Space in Time - Richard Bunning Richard Bunning describes his novel as speculative fiction, rather than fantasy or science fiction, and with him I must agree. Although fantasy and sci/fi take place in imaginary worlds and often have sociopolitical themes, the focus of speculative fiction, from my understanding, is to pose and answer "what if?" questions.

Questions considered in Another Space In Time include, what if
1. organ donor recipients retain a connection with their donors?
2. when you die, you are transported to another world?
3. people on worlds that receive recycled souls from earth resent the wave of immigrants?
4. people had more evidence that their consciousnesses did not end with death?
5. a world existed whose sun was a pulsar?
6. a world existed where the population could learn from mistakes made on Earth?
7. you were an immigrant and the native people could read your thoughts?

--and there are others.

Mr. Bunning has worked out answers and played with other ideas in his novel. To keep it interesting and quicken the pace, he added a crime mystery. To satisfy romance readers, he wove in a love story. The result is a novel that fulfills the need for a plot, conflict, characters, arcs, etc. while also serving as a vehicle for exploring aspects of "every-man philosophy".

The story took awhile to draw me in. Partly, the writing style is formal and wordy. In some respects, the beginning felt like stepping into a boat at the dock where the boat rocks quite a lot until you settle and pick up the oars. At that point, the Rodwell character, from whose POV the bulk of the story is told, establishes himself as somewhat timid, gentlemanly, and quaint. Funny, even. Readers watch his metamorphosis from an ineffective British government worker to an intelligent man's Rambo. Thoughts of multiple lifetimes and a love interest will do that for you.