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At Her Majestys Request: An African Princess In Victorian England - Walter Dean Myers What is commendable about this work is that Walter Dean Myers has unearthed an amazing story that otherwise would have been lost forever in a decaying package of letters and diary entries in the British Royal archives. Myers hired professional researchers to ensure accuracy in his telling of Sarah Forbes Bonetta's life journey and I had the feeling he never wanted to overstep the bounds of a faithful historian. I applaud the effort and am thankful to Myers for his insight and dedication to bring Sarah's story to light.

The sketchiness of detail and human interaction left me wanting more. I'd love Sarah's biography to be written again by someone willing to step into her shoes and write as she might have experienced a life as an 8 year old African princess saved from death at the hands of brutal King Ghezo of Dahomey and then given to Queen Victoria, who became her patron and the god-mother of her daughter. But, I've read the story of Ghengis Khan by [a:Conn Iggulden|119121|Conn Iggulden|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1235073163p2/119121.jpg], for example, and watched the Khans live and breathe, so I know what can be done.

To write Sarah's novel would require bravery. Myers alluded to what may have been flaws in Sarah's character. Given the privileges she enjoyed, a tendency to become haughty or spoiled is likely. However, I believe her married life had a turning point that would be amazing to explore. But I'm off track. Sorry. In short, this was a fascinating story about a fascinating time in history--it was just a little too short.