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First, this novel would be great to use in a discussion on choice of point of view. It was written in 1st person, with a narrator that I found unsympathetic and flat, especially when compared to most of the other characters. My interest in Amir was minimal, verging on annoyance.

Add to this, a series of contrived, overly sentimental landmines that were clearly designed to hit thematic buttons, and enjoyment for me was lost. I don't cry on cue, and neon lights points towards Hallmark moments leave me cold. The outcome became predictable from the outset.

That said, I found the setting and significance in Afghan history to be interesting. Several of the characters, with the exception of the narrator, were colorful and would have sparkled if the novel had been written in 3rd person with well chosen first person excursions. Potential drama was lost due to the author restricting his story to one view point. In fact, I would have been more sympathetic towards Amir had he been described through Hassen, Ali, Baba, or even his wife.

The writing was utilitarian, which is okay if the story carries the day, and it could have, but fell short, in my opinion.