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I'm a novelist who loves to read and discuss all things word-bound.

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Steve Earle

Chance's Take on Books


There once was a young man, fiery by Sicilian and Cherokee blood, who served in the U.S. Marines and then won the love of the woman he most desired. He and this tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed German beauty renounced their scrabble upbringing, that concrete box of city life—they were lured instead by country roads, nature's serenades, and untrimmed pastures.


To their daughter, Chance, they offered arm loads of books from the library every Sunday, a college education, and the certainty that if she worked hard enough, dreams would become real. Accustomed as she grew through literary travels, the daughter fled rural serenity to taste the complex textures of cities, work in executives positions for high-tech companies, earn a Master's degree, and travel the world. Currently, Chance resides in a country setting once again, weaving her experiences and imagination into the fabric of fantastical novels that she hopes you will enjoy.


Novels by Chance


Alexios, Before Dying



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Dark Matter Tiding



Camera Hence is a woman struggling with guilt who discovers her brother has contracted a condition in which he has become severely maimed, and yet, he can neither heal or die. As Camera seeks a way to end her brother's suffering, she learns that a far greater crisis looms for the Solar System has finally rotated outside the protective arm of the Milky Way. At the brink of this cosmological calamity, Camera struggles to distinguish between truth and self-delusion, and between enemies and friends.